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This will be my last Trials and Tribulations post before my foray in to seeking out the “Grey Ghost” of the desert southwest.


I have selected my gear. My rifle shoots true, if I do my part, and I am as ready as I will ever be. It now becomes a matter of putting theory in to practice. Scouting is done and it’s too late to learn a new area in my opinion. While I look forward to the fast approaching day I also have some trepidation. I used to get this way before getting on a good bull. My traveling partner when I was rodeoing would slap me on the back or knee and with a smile on his face say, “Ain’t nothing but a thing.” I’d take a couple of deep breaths and be alright.


Now I find myself having to do those deep breathing exercises a week and a day away from the hunt. I picture Freddy, my traveling partner from rodeo days, in my mind’s eye. It helps to settle me down. I’ve worked hard to make this goal a reality and have taken advantage of the opportunities afforded me. Maybe I’ll give Freddy a call and chat with him on the phone. 



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Gonna be a great hunt for you

Gonna be a great hunt for you Biker!  We will be waiting for your return, hopefully with stories and photos of your successes.  Hunting that little grey ghost in amongst that type of terrain is surely a challenge! 

At the very least, be safe, and we're sure you'll have a fun time! I'm sure you guys will!


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Good luck on your hunt Biker.

Good luck on your hunt Biker. I hope you have a fun and sucessfull hunt and can't wait till you get backand share your story. Remeber to take a lot of pictures.

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Take a few extra deep breaths

Take a few extra deep breaths and get out after your ghost. I still have about 3 weeks before my hunt and getting very excited myself. The first day I will need to take several deep breaths before I will calm down. Enjoy your hunt and best of luck to you. Hope to see some great photos and hear a good story. Take care and get'em.

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Good luck with your hunt and

Good luck with your hunt and I'm sure it'll be a geat one. I believe your the only one here that's getting the chance to hunt that species of deer this year so any stories you share or pictures you post will be mostly all new stuff for us.

Up until last year every time we left the truck on an openig morning my son would only make it a few steps before he had to stop and puke before he could continue. The excitement and stress of the coming day was just more than he could handle. Once taken care of he was fine the rest of the season but it sure made for some concern the first couple of times it happened.

Good luck again and let us know how it went when you get back.

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