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Treewalker Climbing Tree Stand

I just recently purchased Treewalkers ProMag XL treestand. I was thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship that went into this climber. They really do take their time and it shows.

I waited for the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, Pa and was able to meet the owner and try out the stand first hand before I purchased. The first thing that impressed me was the time and effort that went into building this. The platform is a nice thick grate that allows for super grip and not any slipping of the boot. It is also welded at every point that the grate akes contact. They do not weld everyother or every three. Every single one is welded.

The platform is longer than many other treestands. It allows you for extra room and even lets you get shots directly behind the tree.

The seat is superb. It is very comfortable and will allow you to sit all day if you want. You really are abot to sit and relax. The shooting bar goes back and forth so it can either be a headrest or fold it all the way down in front of you to really lounge and get ready for your game to come.

With the model I purchased, I am able to take off the front bar. It allows you to be fully free in front of you without any worries and you can shoot sitting down. Or you an keep it on for extra safety and still be able to shoot effortlessly.

The best part about this stand, it is only 18 LBS!!!!

I recomend this climber to anyone and everyone. It is really made 100% in the USA and is versatile to any form of hunting imaginable. You can visit them and get more information at www.treewalkertreestands.com.


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Man, 18 pounds for a climbing

Man, 18 pounds for a climbing treestand?  I might have to check that one out.

I sold my last climber, an ameristep, cause it was really heavy and bulky.

Thanks for the link!

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Thanks for the info and

Thanks for the info and review. sounds like a great product. I would like to invest in a climber, I dont use treestands odten but if I found a good area I would likee to throw one up real fast and it sounds like this is the way to go, and at 18lbs i could throw it on my back pretty easy. again thanks for the info. I'll look into this stand.

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Tree Stand

I use to hunt from the groung with a bow, I got shots but no deer. About 3 years ago I purchased a climbing tree stand. The first year saw all kinds of deer that didn't see me, the second years I got a nice 8 pointer. I got the Lone Wolf it is 18 pounds or less and folds nicely to carry on my back. It cost me 350 but I have no regrets.

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i purchased a promag xl a few months back and just got to use it this past week. It is a great stand and is everything they say it is .the only problem i had is with the climbing setup, which i cured with a set of summit climbing stirrups. the stand is so well built and light that it is unbelievable! i have a api grand slam magnum 3500 it weighs about 30 lbs rigged out, it may never get to climb again.  the promag xl is worth every penny. John K Thumbs up :thumbsup1: Thumbs up :thumbsup1: Thumbs up :thumbsup1: Thumbs up :thumbsup1:

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Tree Stand

That's a really Nice looking stand but it is way out of my price range. I could avoid the weight issues by paying for 5 of the sportsman guide versions and just leaving them in different locations instead of moving it. When you start getting into that price range I don't think anything beats the lone wolf but thank you for the review!


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