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gorilla climber; light and portable so i love it.

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Re: Lone Wolf Treestands
Flintlockr wrote:
Lone Wolf does make a good stand but Summit, API, Gorilla, Loggy Bayou and Timbertall all make quality products! The guys at http://www.treestand.com shipped my stand out within a week! Also, if you can afford to, buy several hang-ons and climbing sticks rather than a climber! You won't sweat as much hiking to your spot!

I've used numerous climbers and from my experience the lone wolf seems to be the quickest and quietest. Although it is pretty spendy, I feel it is worth it. The other competitors stands seem to be more comfortable, but overall I've had numerous 10-12 hour days and comfortable with the lone wolf.

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I've used them all at one time or another. Several years ago I started getting all of my setups ready by May for the following season. I would then leave them alone until it was time to hunt.

This tactic caused me to lose some treestands to theft over the years. It's very frustrating to get to your treestand and find out it's missing.

A few years ago I read a book by John Eberhardt and discovered the Ambush Sling. You can use this one item for many deer hunting setups. I love it and absolutely swear by it. It'll be the last treestand you'll ever buy.

I still use the treestands I've had in place over the years. However, any and all of my new setups on private or public land incorporate the ambush sling. No more worries about theft, because you wear it in and out of the woods. No treestand is lighter than this one. It also helps, because people don't know where you're hunting.

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