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hey all......does anyone here have a equalizer treestand,,looks good on dvd ,i got ,,,just a little pricey but will it be worth it,,i have a summit now i like it but have to adjust a lot either up or down,,,,the other day i would like to had one ......lol
heres the website http://www.equalizertreestands.com .....thanks

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I don't have one but my buddy just bought one and I helped him attach the backrest/shooting rail. The only thing about it is if you sit with your back to the tree there is no back pad. If you sit with the back pad then you have to face the tree and it blocks the view in front of you. Other than that it a very light and well carried tree satnd, but I'll stick with my API Grand Slam.

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I've been using a TREE LOUNGE for years now.
The most comfortable stand IMHO there is. Big smile

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Have you looked at Timbertall Outdoors Treestands?

If you like the Equalizer you might like the Timbertall Outdoors Baby Lite, it has the same style leveling system and they are made of a better grade of aluminum! Much lighter in weight than Equalizer, Summit, API, Gorilla, or even the famous Lone Wolf Treestands! I got my treestand at http://www.treestand.com which had the best pricing anywhere!

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I'll stick to my TREE LOUNGE too since I can even use it as a Deer Cart to haul the critter out.

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