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Tree stand Archery Elk(CO)

Does anyone hunt Elk in CO using a tree stand?  I know it sounds a little strange but I have a a small patch of public land that I have been hunting.  maybe 1 mile by a half mile and I think it would be perfect for a stand.

What are the chances of getting it stolen? Any thougghts about using a stand?

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Tree stands

i have never used one, but i know guys that do, to hunt water holes and that type of thing, and they do get elk. as far as someone taking it, that is always posable ?.


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I can honestly say i've never

I can honestly say i've never sat in a tree in 60 years of hunting. I'd probably fall asleep and fall out. Big smile

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I've never hunted in a stand

I've never hunted in a stand for elk either.  I'm sure you could be successful but I think you'd have to be pretty lucky.  Elk don't pattern the same way as deer.  Seems like just when you think you've got them figured out, they change their routine and end up in exactly the place you never expect.  If I was going to hunt from a stand for elk, I'd probably want to put in several stands so that I could change my position easily and quickly if needed.  

As far as theft goes, well I'd like to think others wouldn't mess with it but that would probably be giving way too much credit to some unscrupulous types who call themselves hunters (but don't really embody any of the sportsmanship or ethics of a real hunter).  I would either use stands that are cheap and not desirable to steal or lock them to help prevent someone from taking it.

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I have a friend that archery

I have a friend that archery hunts elk from a tree stand every year.  He does it on a plot of private ground with a large pond in the middle and he usually gets one every year.  The elk flock in there because it is the only watering hole in the area and the guy that owns it only lets a few people hunt there a year.  So it is possible to do it.

Meathunter is right--elk are constantly changing their patterns and a small strip of land like the one you are thinking of hunting may or may not hold elk consistently.  If you are hunting the rut and can call them in it might be a good way but I dont know how great it would be during a rifle season. 

As far as theft--I like to think that no one would steal someone's tree stand--But all you have to do is scan the forum and look at all the posts about illegal kills/poaching and you can see the ethical quality of a lot of people out there hunting.  If you took your stand out every night you would be ok but I have a bad feeling that if you leave the stand for any length of time it will end up going home with someone else.

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  I have had the same thought


I have had the same thought about using a stand for elk.  I would think if you have a resident herd and a limited water supply then the tree stand would be a very good possibility.

As for getting it stolen I have to agree with all here that it will eventually be found by an unethical hunter and stolen.  I would suggest a large "uncuttable" chain and a large "uncuttable" locking mechanism.  Both can be cut but only with a blowtorch and chances of that happening are far less.  Just google uncuttable chains and there are several companies you can purchase from. 

I say go for it and then follow up and let us know of your success.


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