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Travelling with your Muzzleloader

How do other Muzzleloader Hunters find Pyrodex and/or Powder for hunts to areas with none available when they fly?  I am always amazed to see Jim Shockey's Hunts around the world and wonder if its just a United States or Worldwide issue to travel with it.

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That's a good question and

That's a good question and I'm interested as to what others have to say.

I checked the TSA rules and it is very clear there is no way to bring it with you.

I would think you should be able to mail it ahead to where you are going but that could take awhile and some countries might have different rules.

As far as in the states go every WalMart I've been in carries Pyrodex or Triple7

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There are two WalMarts within a 40 mile radius of my home.  NEITHER of them carry muzzleloader equipment.  The closest one, less than 10 miles away, only carries clothing and a very small amount of ammunition of any type.  Maine is a liberal state, and most of the anti's seem to live in my area.  I live on an island that is closed to deer hunting.  Most of the people that live here have moved here because they believed that there was no hunting at all.  Everytime a gunshot is heard, the police are called and that is when they find out that ONLY deer hunting is prohibited, not other types of hunting.  And yes, they have tried to stop all hunting on the island but so far have failed.  Some may say "MOVE" but as we all know, it is not that easy when you have a job you like and family that you don't want to leave. 

So if you plan a hunting trip to Maine, bring your own equipment.  There are a number of gun shops in the area that saves the day, but be aware that all WalMarts are not equal.

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call ahead

I call ahead, buy a pack over the phone and pick it up when I arrive. But I know the gunshops I'm dealing with and they're reputable and trust-worthy. If its an outfitted hunt I would hope that your outfitter would be able to pick up what you need for you, since you can fly with it.

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I had to buy it through

I had to buy it through Cabelas and have it shipped to my outfitter, I heard some tv personalities used empty shotgun shells to sneak the powder and caps through the airlines, but TSA is onto it now.

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Thats some eye opening stuff.

After reading these posts I definitely am going to go the route of having my outfitter pick up the powder/pyrodex before I arrive.  Most of them don't actually live year round at their base camps and can pick it up like you suggested.  I'd definitley like my next Moose and Dall Sheep to be shot with my Muzzleloader.  Thanks.

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work around

This has never been an issue for me but I understand that while there are rules against bulk powder, there are no rules against ammunition loaded with black powder.  Check your regulations but I THINK that shotgun shells with 100 grains (or whatever load you want) of black powder per shell can be carried just like any other ammunition.

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