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Traps for trapping hogs?

Read some where about a pen type trap has anyone used these and can you tell me how to build one or wherei could learn to build one. thanks

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Traps for trapping hogs?

I can help you, email me at callcottranches@yahoo.com

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Traps for trapping hogs?

We trap allot of hogs here in South East Georgia with box traps all you need is some sturdy scrap lumber no need to head off to home depot to build a hog trap old scrap wood will work fine as long as its not rotted or cracked, we just build a simple box style trap with a door that slides up and down in the front, we usually run a string from the door to the inside of the trap all the way towards the back of the trap and attach it to a trip stick which is stuck in the ground kind of like a tent peg, and throw corn all around the so when the hogs enter and stars feeding around the peg he will eventually bump the string and pop it off the peg allowing the door to fall down and box him in, the best way to attract hogs is to take a couple 5 gallon buckets of feed corn and fill them with water and brown sugar then stir it up good and put lids on them and let them sit for about two weeks this will allow the corn to sour and it smells like hell but hogs think it smells like prime rib once its soured take it and dump it where you want the hogs to show up believe me they will come!! normally once they find it they will stay there and eat till its just about gone so keep an eye on it,

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