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trappers lake or papoose basin?

after research i've narrowed my search for second season to either papoose basin or trappers lake, GMU 24, i am backpacking in. 

also i'm going to shoot for a third or fourth season leftover cow tag if there are any. are there any mule deer in this area as well? i'm planning on a scouting trip there in august for at least three days and showing up a few days early for second season.

any experience or tips would be greatly appreciated!



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Welcome to the site. Hope you

Welcome to the site. Hope you stick around longer than getting so info and bailing out. Anyways both areas you mention can be good but you will find less folks over in the Papoose Basin. As for left over cows tags you will not have a problem. The list comes out 29 July and you will see several hundred if not over 1000 left over tags that will work in 24. Last year they did sell out but it took until September or October. As for deer you are out of luck on getting a tag this year but yes there are some nice deer in the area. Never seen left over deer tags unless it was private land only. Not sure where you are coming from but that is high country so be prepared for that. Walking 5 miles up at 9000-11000 feet is a different game than 1500 feet. Also weather can be anything from sunny and 80 to snowing and 20 that time of year. If you have question send me a PM. 

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I'm from the mountains

I'm from the mountains outside of boulder, climbed many a 14er but thanks for the advice it is really appreciated.  I just received my lifetime fishing and hunting license for Colorado so I plan on sticking around for a while! I'm planning on taking two scouting trips down there, I haven't quite figured out where to go to access papoose basin. If I went to trappers lake I could just park at the campground. Where do I go to access papoose?  


Thanks again!

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To get to Papoose you need to

To get to Papoose you need to take a road just past County Rd. 119 that turns to the right as you go towards Trappers Lake.  Drive to the end of the road and start hiking.  I have been there once a long time ago so I couldn't tell you what it is like.

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Papoose basin

The easiest way to get into the Papoose Basin is by the Papoose trail, it starts at the entrance to the Ute Lodge. To get to the Ute Lodge there are signs where you turn off county road 8. Follow them all the way to the gates of the Ute Lodge and thats where the Papoose trailhead is. Pretty good area , but quite a bit of pressure there.

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