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You know, I might buy that argument except for the fact that our frontline aircraft that actually go into combat (vs just transporting dignitaries). Our newest F-15Cs, for example, are 23 years old. Our B-52 fleet is pushing 50. There's a big difference between a helo that flies low and slow and combat aircraft. But yet people complain about buying F-22s, F-35s, and new bombers.

Com-on Ex, B-52's, F15's, F22's and F35's are used to kill people in wars. We cant have people being injured or killed in wars. They just need a good old Talking to.

I don't see why the President, no matter who that is, should not have the most up to date choppers. He is the Commander in Chief after all.

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Helicopter countermeasures have very little to do with the airframe or powerplant -- it's an avionics suite. But I'm not interested in going into systems. What bothers me is attempts through/from the media to shift the debate away from the aging fleet/effectiveness issue and into sensationalism.

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