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trail camera's/moultrie???

Does anyone have a moultrie digital trail camera. They are priced right, but I owned a stealth camera before and it sucked. I bought it at about what these digital moultrie costs, and 1 out of 20 had a animal in the picture, the sun or branches would set it off. So I am wondering if this will do the same thing.

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trail camera's/moultrie???

Hey, I just bought a Moultrie 1.3 MP Game Watcher 100 at Wal-Mart for a 100 bucks. It definitely has it's pro's and con's. You should visit http://www.hunting-fishing-gear.com/review-display/1665.html This link should take you to my review of the camera. For 100 bucks....I say it's worth the cost. This is my first trail camera and I'm sure that I still need to work with it a little to know how to best position it and so forth but I've gotten alot of good pics with it. Yeah...I've had a few pics (maybe 10 out of 60 or so) that were just completely white but I believe that is because the camera is too close to my corn pile I have out and the deer are too close or something. Like I said, I've only had it for a little over a week now. But to say I should have paid $400 for a really, really good camera instead of paying $100 for this one?? Nah.....I'm glad I bought this one.

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trail camera's/moultrie???

I have both and like the moultrie beter, the video will only work dureing the day and then automaticly it switches to still for night. only thig I do like on the moultrie is the mounting system, I made a secure I copied to get the patern from.. I can do this as it is not saleing it nor am Given direction on how to do it !!!! I just the dimension from the camera and welded away.. I had scaps so cost is unknown. Also heat may false trigger your camera try faceing them mostly north if you can and also put some corn.anise oil or vanila extract to actract thier attention.

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