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Trail Cameras: Truth or Consequence (featured article)

December 2006 Feature Article:

Trail Cameras: Truth or Consequence

Trail camera use and technology has exploded over the past five years. Do they uncover a property's true potential for producing trophy whitetails... or spook the very deer we're trying to hunt? Finding a cure for the common cold will probably happen before hunters fully understand how trophy-class whitetails so easily evade us during hunting season. Undoubtedly, it's the variables which make this sport tough. Read more...

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Trail Cameras: Truth or Consequence (featured article)

Thats a good story. Amazing how advanced trail cameras have become since this story. New technology and lower prices compared to back then. One good example are the new Scout Guard SG550. 5 MP PIR, great video, pics 1.3 second trigger time and compact size for under $200.

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