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Trail cam recommendations

I'm in the market for a trail cam, but having a hard time deciding which one.
I'm trying to stay in the $200-$225 price range (Canadian). I've read quite a few reviews on different cams, and being a bear hunter I need a good or better rating on the Night Vision option.
I've located a Bushnell Cabela's 5.0 MegaPix w/ Night Vis for $220 (not including tax or shipping), from the Cabela's.ca website. Anyone have any opinions on this, or any advice on a particular cam or where in Canada to pick one up (on the Internet)?
Appreciate any help Thanks.

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Trail Cams

You might try this website. They are very good at testing most of the cameras out there. http://www.chasingame.com/ After you go to that website then go to this one and read their reviews as well. http://www.trailcampro.com/ I do not know if you will be able to order from them or not, but at least you can get some great information on trail cams. Good Luck!!!!!!

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Trail cam recommendations

Try Canadian Tire on sale I bought one , same Bushnell for $149.00.
Regards F.K.