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Trail Cam Fogging

Anybody got any tips on how to keep a trail cam from fogging in the wee hours of the morning?

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Trail Cam Fogging

Fog X?

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Trail Cam Fogging

Haven't tried it with cameras but eye glasses just will not fog using this.

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Trail Cam Fogging

There are also products made for scuba diving/snorkeling that are excellent in keeping the mask free of fog. They're inexpensive, maybe something like that would work. I've used the following Sea Gold Anti-Fog and it works well:
The trick in using this gel is to apply a good layer, then quickly rinse with fresh water, and it leaves a crystal clear film that does not fog.

Also, in a pinch, I've been told that you can simply spit in your mask, rub it around and that will keep it from fogging. Divers swear by that, but I have not tried. Big smile Maybe spit on your cam & let us know how it works? Laugh