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Tragic.... Some good animals in there......


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Re: Tragic......

... what did the guy's vehicle look like afterward? Sheep are big creatures. I would think sheep in the road would be killing cars and drivers also??? Not using salt seems like a no-brainer. If I saw a sign about bighorn sheep being in the road I would be more worried about ME than the sheep.

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Re: Tragic......

It seems like he went quite a ways 300 plus feet after hitting the first sheep.......You'd think he would have stopped shorter than 300+ feet. Killing all of these sheep is a crying shame.

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Re: Tragic......

yeah, how do you plow 6 sheep in a the road in that far of distince. what happen to the brakes. was he sippin on grampas cough suyrip. Shame on You!

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Re: Tragic......

They didn't say what type of truck is was but suppose it was a semi and trailer. They can weigh upwards of 80,000 lbs and don't stop on a dime and looking at the picture it looks like it may of been snowing or had just stopped. Even if it was a pickup it would take quite a while to stop on bad roads. Their problem now is probably going to be solved by a 8' high fence to keep the sheep off of the roadway. The state highway department here in Colorado has done just that. Now all the DOW needs to do is figure out how to let the animals migrate to and from their winter grounds instead of keeping them fenced in.

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