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Traditions Vortek

I am kinda new to muzzleloaders, but I am an avid rifleman. So when I decided to hunt in shotgun only areas I was faced with a decision as to what to buy...a slug gun or muzzleloader. I decided on the ML because I can partake of the ML / Archery 9 day season that follows regular gun in New Yorks southern zone. Now I need a ML and the process began. Reviews play a part of it, handling the different manufacturers guns led me to the Traditions Vortek. I took 2 deer this year using 250 grain hornady sst sabots, 85gr by weight of Blackhorn 209, CCI 209 magnum primers. I must say, this combo is awesome and the Vortek feels the most like a rifle than any of the others...including T/C and CVA. And feature for feature this gun is tops. I like it so much....I am replacing it with the new Vortek LDR ( long distance rifle) ultra light with a 30" barrel...a true 250yd shooter. Not sure what scope I will be mounting on it, but it will be a very good one indeed. I can only say that I have the same confidence with my Vortek as I do with my Weatherby 300 mag...within reasonable range that is. This is a one shot deal with muzzleloaders, do your research and make your choice. And do yourself a favor...use Blackhorn 209 powder and never look back..............

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