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Traditional Roving for Modern Success (feature article)

March 2007 Feature Article:

Traditional Roving for Modern Success

Long before the advent of 3-D targets and laser range finders, bow hunters honed their archery skills in much simpler ways. For the most part, they'd loose arrows at target butts from predetermined ranges. But, if they were really serious about improving their field skills, they would string their favorite hunting bow, grab a quiver, and go roving. Read more...

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Traditional Roving for Modern Success (feature article)

ill have to try that

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That is a great Idea i should try that THANKS Thumbs up

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well, over here in the UK, we can't hunt with a bow and arrow, and field archery has become such a mire of regulations and expense that I just pack up my gear, grab a bag of food and head out into the woods for a days roving. I'm lucky to live in an area where I can stalk deer, so I measure how close I manage to get to a given deer, and then later, while wandering, try to hit the middle of similar sized stumps, clumps of grass etc from a similar distance.

Time well wasted!!

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Traditional Roving for Modern Success (feature article)

i'm going to get judo tips tomorrow!!!!!!!