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Tough Elk season...

2011 is done for me and I did connect on a cow on the 16th.  We hunted from Sept 1st through the 7th, then went back out the 15th.  I'm back and my two buddies are in a last minute effort spike camp.

I'm glad I connected, but it was tough.  Sept 6th was the only day we really had any vocal activity.  I'm guessing they continued during that week we were all back at work and then shutup when we got back due to pressure and the weather heating up.  We weren't hearing anything after dark either.



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Yeah I have been hearing that

Yeah I have been hearing that alot from alot of hunters from all over the state..real quite out there.  have a buddy up now and he has had one good encounter, but for the most part they have been real quite and tough to get within bow range.  I skipped this year and it may have been a good decsion even though it dioes not fell like it as I missed being out there.  I have a rifle elk hunt here in a month or so....maybe the rut will still be going on or I can catch the tail end of it or maybe some cows coming in late and allow me to get some bulls to cooperate.  Congrats on your cow...good eating there!!

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Congratulations on gettin one

Congratulations on gettin one down. Everybody seems to be saying the same thing this year about the activity out there. Even the regular patterns are off due to the wet spring and summer changing everything we know. I've been out scouting several times now and although I have heard them bugle they are definaltely not reacting to each other. I have observed some last week that turned and listened to the other elk but then just turned and went in with what they were doing.

Only six more days till I hit the mountain with rifle in hand. I think the timing might be just perfect.

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I have found that when

I have found that when dealing with elk nothing is certain even if you think that you have them patterned.  I consider myself a fairly good elk hunter and have killed enough of them to say so.  Now after saying that there are times that you just can't figure them out.  There have been years that I have gone into my guaranteed areas and not even seen a track, but then I guess that is why they call it hunting instead of killing. 

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Sorry to hear that it's been

Sorry to hear that it's been a tough season RJ, but at least you have some meat in the freezer!  Congrats!  It's still some quality time spent in the woods.

There's always next year, right?

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Yep there's always next year,

Yep there's always next year, or 2013 in my case. I think I'll be to busy with grad school, can't put it off much longer.  Help!.

My buddies got out of the woods yesterday, only had one encounter the last weekend.  I'm thinking the rifle hunters may have a great time.

If it weren't a challenge it wouldn't be any fun.

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I agree! This season so far has been tough and a real bust for me. I bow hunted in September and the weather was hot. Did not see a bull at all and figured they were holed up tough somewhere. Counted 31 cows with calves the previous month at the same clear cut but they too were not there the few weeks I hunted. No cow for rifle season this year so I have a short window for a bull. Wolves are out in force and have heard this a few times this year.

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82ndScoutvet, like the name,

82ndScoutvet, like the name, I did 3 years in the 82nd myself years ago. Sorry to hear the hunt has been a bust so far but hope your luck changes for the bull. If I recall you are in Idaho. If I am right do you plan to pick up a wolf tag or two to help thin out the population? I will be hunt spring bear in the Frank Church Wilderness next May but the wolf season will be over in that area by then or I would get a tag. Still got 35 days until my hunt starts in Colorado and sure looking forward to it.

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congrats on your success! i

congrats on your success!

i am surprised that you couldn't even get any activity in the dark timber. i wonder if dry weather could be a factor. it seems like rutting behavior decreases in years with poor rainfall. plus, everything the animals do is weather dependant. a low air pressure system could blow through and just make them stop talking.

i would have liked to check near that dark timber well after the sun went down. i wonder if they were active all night instead. that was about when we had a full moon? i think. 

i like having challenges like that. it gets me excited for next year when i'll be out there chasing wapiti. good luck for your buddies and congrats!

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I agree, its been a tough

I agree, its been a tough hunt this year, Most of my bow hunting buddies had the same results as me and it wasnt good at all, there was little rutting activity during the bow season. here in Oregon the elk rifle seasons dont really start untill the end of OCT and run through NOV. My dad has a decent tag for the Oregon coast in NOV so now i'll help him reseach and scout the area and hopefully he can get a decent bull. my hunts are done now till NOV 19th when late season deer begins. Congratson the cow, she should be some good eats.

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Immediately after the season

Immediately after the season I was a little bit bummed I couldn't get my friends onto elk, but man she does taste good!  The best so far has been marinating in italian dressing and grilling to medium rare.  The burgers are turning out as awesome tacos too.

Since I already had a class A license I don't think I can get an OTC bull tag...but I'm going to try and get something to fill the rest of the freezer.

Hope some other people on here got lucky too!


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