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tough decision

I have my sights set on a Remington 770
the choices are 7mm Mag and 30-06
which one should I get and why, also I will be using it for pig hunting and any other future hunts.

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Re: tough decision

I would go with the 30.06 over the 7mm mag simply because the 7mm is a mag.
No need to take the recoil with such closely matched calibres.
Now if you ALREADY had a 30.06 or even a ,308 then I would go with the 7mm mag because......well, you need one if you don't have one !! right?

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tough decision

I think you're splitting hairs here, but I don't want this to turn into another one of those debates where this caliber's marginal difference is better than that cailber's marginal difference. Brick Wall,)

Either caliber is excellent for biggame. But given the choice I say go with the .30-06 for the same reasons that JTapia gave.

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