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Total Newb!! Where to start?

So, a 40-something guy wanting to try something new.....

Just purchased first bow, PSE Nova lefty model.... know it's not the absolute best, but for the price ($125 including some arrows, case, etc) it seemed like a reasonable place to get my feet wet before spending a small fortune!

With that said, as I'm waiting for it to arrive, looking to find some tips and guides to proper shooting techniques, adjustments and tunings I can do myself, etc... Should I add a sight and get any kind of release? If so, what do you reccomend for this model - keeping in mind I'm a lefty.

Also looking for advice on arrows and practice tips and backyard target. So many arrow choices! What do I need for this bow? 70lb, 29" pull...

Next spring going on a hog hunt and hoping to be ready to use the bow on at least one piggy - what arrow and broadheads would be best suited for this?

Sorry for so many questions...... looking forward to jumping into something new and just dont have anyone around for any good instruction/advice!

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Total Newb!! Where to start?

I would add a sight and get a release.

The best advice I can offer is to find a local bow shop. They will have the accessories and can install them. I think you can use a release right off the string, but most people use d loops so again it would be helpful to have a bowshop to install one for you.

Google bow tuning walk back method. This will help you tune your bow without having to set a rack to hold paper to paper tune it.

Go to Eastons site and they'll have information about arrows. You have to get the right spine for your setup and they'll have info there.

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bow tips

the bow you got for 125 bucks is great, use it for a year see if you even like the sport, then go and find the top of the line one you want. I agree to go to sports shop and get it fitted out. I started with a old browning bow, cost me 50 bucks and it weight which felt like 200 pounds, lol. But it worked, shot a 4 point whiettail by it my first year. Then up graded to a mathews solocam, 6 pounds fully loaded and use carbon arrows.I personally like the 4 point fibre opted sights, good in the low light but thats just me.

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The PSE Nova is the Marlin 30-30 of bows. Affordable and dependable. I have taken dozens of deer with novas over the years.
You probably need to find a pro shop that can set you up and give you a nudge in the right direction.
Good luck.

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