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Top five species

1) Trophy whitetail

2) Mule deer

3) Red deer (from Scotland obviously)

4) Black bear

5) Zebra

All with my bow

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Re: Top five species

1. Bull Elk
2. Bull Moose
3. Caribou
4. Mule Deer
5. Red Deer Stag (Argentina)

No particular order!


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Re: Top five species

1. yukon moose 2. rockie mt big horn 3. musk ox 4. dall sheep 5. caraboo

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Re: Top five species

1. Alaskan Yukon moose

2. Kodiak Brown bear

3. Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

4. Dall sheep

5. Oscellated turkey

I'm starting my hunting fund now. All donations accepted, just send to... Big smile

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thats a tough one...

1.        African Lion

2.        Greater Kudu

3.        Brown bear

4.        Giraffe

5.       Coues Deer

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Top five pecies

My picks to hunt would be:

Canada Whitetail




Mexican Deer


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This is a tough one because

This is a tough one because all my plans have only included cheap choices. I know The big bears would be on the list and also cape buffalo but after that I would have to think for a long time,

Since money would not need to be a consideration it would probably be better to hunt everything possiblr first and then put a list of the top 5 together and start over. Big smile

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Top 5 "If cost didn't matter"

1. Marco Polo Sheep

2. Stone Sheep - Booked for 2013

3. Desert Bighorn Sheep - Just missed at 2 Auctions this year.  Still applying with lots of optimism.

4. Tian Shan Ibex

5. Bezoar Ibex

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top five

Wow, what a hard question!  How do you narrow it down to just five?  OK, here goes....

Musk ox, big horn sheep, whitetail in Alberta, Leopard in Africa and Dall Sheep

When do I get to start?                                                                                                                     

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Top Five

I see most choose Lion, Buffalo, Leopard as part of their top five, with a few choosing Kudu and Gemsbuck.

Buffalo and Leopard in Zimbabwe is still affordable hunting.

Drop me a message and I will quote you on it.



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