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Top 5 handguns

The thread on the top 5 long guns got me to thinking. What would be your top 5 picks for hand guns & why?

I'll go first:

.22 rf Ruger Mark III - every body needs a .22

9mm SigSauer - defense

.357 Ruger Security Six (6" barrell) - good camp gun

.44 mag Ruger Super Blackhawk - hunting

T/C Encore (with what ever bbls of your flavor) - also hunting - I 'll be hunting with mine this fall

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Top 5 handguns

FN/Browning P-35 (Hi Power) 9mm- The most reliable and most widely used battlefield sidearm of all time! A proven design used by many militaries and police forces worldwide. Battelfield tested for decades. Very high quality and well made all steel pistol. I also see it's design as John Browning intended, an improvement over the 1911 system design. Plus it's my personal favorite of all time.

Colt 1911 - Do I really have to say more!

SIG 220 .45 ACP - Had one long enough that I've just developed an attachment to it.

Glock 23 .40 S&W - Reliable

SIG 226 9mm- Reliable, good handling, great quality.

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Top 5 handguns

colt single action army revolver- shaped our continent

colt 1911- nuff said

German Luger- could have shaped our continent but lucky it didn't

Browning Hi-power- known the world over

Glock17- I hate the feel of them but can't argue with their reliability

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Top 5 handguns

1.) 1911

2.) (tie) BHP and H&K P7 "Squeeze Cocker"

3.) Springfield XDM (really like this new one)

4.) Smith & Wesson revolver (take your pick on caliber and barrel length)

5.) Walther .22

honnerable mention: GLOCK

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Top 5 handguns

I not sure if you mean top 5 in my collection or top 5 ever made so I'll give you both. Top 5 ever made
1. Colt S.A.A. model p. Any cal.
2. 1911 .45. Defended our freedom as a nation and still defends mine at home!
3. S&W triple lock. Most beautiful revolver ever built.
4. Browning P35 hi power. Carried by more armies than any other. Only gun to serve both Axis and allies in WW II
5. Glock (any model) due mostly to it's law enforcement popularity and simplicity of design it's become the AK47 of handguns. Reliable, almost indestructable and ugly.
My top 5 handguns that I couldn't live without

1. S&W 357. mag 4 in. Mod 19 or 586 either one.
2. 1911 45 acp built for me by Tussey custom. My fav auto.
3. Glock 23.
4. Browning buckmark 22. everyone DOES need a 22. as Wyo Joe said.
5. S&W J frame. For those late night 7-11 forays

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