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Top 5 cartridges

What are your top 5 cartridges, and why? Mine are as follows:

1. 12 gauge - You can hunt everything from small game to big game with slugs or buckshot in the fields and woods, and use it for home protection.
2. .22 long rifle - It's cheap to shoot, it's fun to shoot and a great round for teaching a novice gun safety and hunting skills.
3. 30-06 - This round is versatile, you can shoot anything in North America with it, and it's so readily available.
4. .416 Remington Magnum - It's a great big bore that I'd love to take to Africa someday. It hits hard and will penetrate deep into big critters.
5. .44 Magnum - I know this is the long gun part of the forum, but I thought it needed to be on the list, because of what it did for big game handgun hunting.

There are other cartridges that could be easily placed on the list. I'd just like to see what everyone else likes and why. I know that none of us will agree, but I find it very interesting to see the opinion of other's.

Just don't get too ticked off that I picked a shot shell, the .416 Remington over the .416 Rigby or that I put a handgun caliber in the mix. Let's just keep this fun!

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Top 5 cartridges

I could change my mind before I finish but here goes

16ga .....ya gotta have a shotgun and that's what I shoot most

222 Rem.....Really underated in my opinion. Better than the 223

243....need a preditor rifle

6.5x55...one of the best all around cartridges going

308 win...just in case I want to shoot a heavier bullet

oop's! changed my mind. I'd rather the 25-06 to the 243. Better dual-purpose in my opinion.

I could also drop the 308 and go with a 7x57 and 175 gr bullet's. Maybe even a 280 Rem.

Ya know I'd really rather have a 250-3000 if I could find one.

Oh course with the 250-3000, I wouldn't really need a 222 Rem so a 22 Hornet would fit in there really nice.

This is a lesson in frutility! Brick Wall,)

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Top 5 cartridges

My top five would be:

.22 rimfire. Same reasons as Whelland gave.

12 ga 3" Most versitle all around shotgun gauge

.260 Rem as my light big game caliber
Low recoil and very effective on deer/antelope and such

.338 Win Mag as my heavy big game cartridge
Heavier recoil but better for bigger game such as bear/moose/elk

.357 Mag Most managable of the magnum handgun cartridge for .
most people

These are not necessarily the cartridges that I currently use but what I think are the most versitile.

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Top 5 cartridges

ohh I hate these, Toooo many guns that I just need!

1- first vote for the 20 ga (in my opinion the most versital)
2- 22rim, fun and inexpensive to shoot and puts food on the table
3- 45 or 50 cal flintlock, fun to hunt with and if need be the commen man can make his/her own powder and cast their own balls and knap there own flints
4- 30-06 The all around gun.
5- rem 44 mag, can have a rifle and pistol chambered in the same round and just fine for deer and (black)bear sized game out to 100yds

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Top 5 cartridges

I have many more, but only 4 that I shoot more than any other.

12 gauge
.270 WInchester
9x19mm Parabellum (Luger)
.45 ACP

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Top 5 cartridges

.22 rf - every body has to have one. great for varmints & small pests

.243 - I use it for varminting & cross over deer & antelope gun

.270 - my favorite all around cartridge

.375 - it will take care of anything the .270 won't

12 ga. - can anybody be with out one? mine is a pump

Those are my top 5 picks for long guns. If I added anything to the mix it would be a .50 or .54 cal muzzle loader

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Top 5 cartridges

Some of which I have/use and some that I want to have:

no order:
.22 LR- a must have
.223 rem- if you need more than a 22LR but less than a 30-06
30-06- have to include it in the list
375 H&H- a standard by which other DG cartridges are judged by
12 ga.- got to have a scattergun

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Top 5 cartridges

300 wsm
270 win
12 or 16 gauge

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Top 5 cartridges
ChesterGolf wrote:
Some of which I have/use and some that I want to have:

no order:
.22 LR- a must have
.223 rem- if you need more than a 22LR but less than a 30-06
30-06- have to include it in the list
375 H&H- a standard by which other DG cartridges are judged by
12 ga.- got to have a scattergun

same except 308 instead of the 06.

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Top 5 cartridges

i am in the works to get down to a toal of 5 long guns for hunting...

that's a total of 5 ...absurd, i realize this!

i have come up with, for my needs as follows...

-12ga shotgun
-.243 win
-.338 win mag
-.416 rigby

now to just get each build completed to my desires and needs...

reasoning for me is,
a shotgun, sm game birding etc...
22lr, target shooting and small game
243 for varmints,coyote and small deer
338 for general big game hunting
416 for the really big game/dangerous game hunts

these fit me well...
a 243 can be replaced w/ a 25-06 or similar if desired
a 338 can be replaced w/ a 300 or 375 if desired
a 416 of any flavor can substitute the rigby as well as a 458 or a double, depending on your desire...

this to my thinking is a complete and versatile hunting battery of long guns

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Top 5 cartridges

Tough tough choices but mine are in no order
257 roberts
300 win mag
12 ga
.45 acp
There are others I have or had have that would be on this list but for sake of a decision this is the ones i choose tonight, tomarrow maybe another choice of a couple.

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