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Too Dull in Here - New Topic

Kevin, very interesting insight. Thanks Thumbs up

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Too Dull in Here - New Topic

Dr. Davis wrote,

i know, this would never pass muster with congress critters, so maybe a little varmint hunting to thin out the pack would help.

I don't think So Co, expat, CVC, Jtap, Cowgal and maybe even civetcat (I said maybe) could find fault with that little bit of wisedom!!! I certainly can't. Thumbs up

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Thanks for your input Kevin. I wondered what a physician's opinion would be, so it was good to read yours.

Its obvious that the solution to providing healthcare for all citizens is going to be a lot more complex than most think.

And civetcat I'm well aware of what Obama states on his site, however what he promises and what he will actually deliver are two different things. I highly doubt that he'll deliver most of what he's promised, especially on the high ticket items. However I do see him going after what I consider "easy pickins" like our 2nd amendment rights. No cost to our country there and it will make him look like he accomplished something significant.

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Too Dull in Here - New Topic

Great perspective, and it's good to see informed opinion.

As someone who recently lost a friend to cancer, I can attest that "death with dignity" is entirely possible in this country. People are free to make choices like he did and go home to hospice care. Living wills allow people the right to refuse life support. Family members can make decisions to remove it. I don't have a problem with such decisions, but I'd argue about who should be making them. I don't think it should be the government.

This reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode where a guy shows up at a couple's door, produces a small box with a button on it, and offers a deal -- if they push the button, he'll give them a million dollars. They ask what the catch is, and he says that when they push the button, someone they don't know will die.

The guy leaves and the couple spends the day staring at the box and arguing amongst themselves. They even take apart the box and find that it appears to be just an empty wooden box with a button on top. Eventually, greed wins out and they push the button. Nothing happens. No sound, no lights...nothing.

Shortly afterward, the guy comes back, hands over a briefcase full of money, and takes the box back. The couple thanks him, and on his way out the door they ask what'll happen next. The guy explains that he'll go elsewhere and offer the box to someone else. "But not to worry," he says. "I won't give it to anyone you know."

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