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TN Hogs

I understand that there are virtually no laws regarding the hunting of ferral hogs in Tennessee. I'm a new bowhunter who would love to take some hogs. I live in nashville but would be willing do go anywhere in the state. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on where I might be able to get a wild pig in Tennessee? I can also hunt in Maryland and Alabama. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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TN. Hogs

There are several good places for hogs in N/E TN. I have lived in Scott County most of my life, and the laws are lenient here. You can hunt year round for hogs, as long as it is not on the national park. The Big South Fork Park is federal, and only allows hog hunting during big game seasons. I have added a couple of links you may like. I believe that you can hunt the Pickett State Park, near the Big South Fork Park, year round. Hope this helps.

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