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tips on where to put in for in WY

I have been kicking around the idea for putting in for WY next year. Nothing would be better then to have a speed goat spot me at 200 yards only to get to take my safety off and squeeze the trigger on him!! I live in Boise and would like to hunt the north west area. Any tips would be great !! I will be more then happy to pass on any info you might be looking for to hunt here in ID ie... Deer, elk, bear, lopes, and turkeys. I will not tell you where to hunt snipe at night, I keep those hunts for special friends Big smile thanks in advace to all who respond Thumbs up

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tips on where to put in for in WY

Muley Crazy,
WY has a lot of public land. Unit 77,78,79,81,82 & 83 all have a lot of BLM. Some of these units are easier to draw then others.

Here's WY G&F odds site..


You also might want to look at http://www.huntodds.com ,This a excellent site to see drawing odds for most of the Western States.

Have a great hunt.

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tips on where to put in for in WY

Wow hiker !! your a wealth of info !! I never knew about that huntodds.com that some good info going to my favorites Thnaks

I would still love to hear of some ohters that might of hunted out that way !!

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tips on where to put in for in WY


Here's some more info to check out :http://www.wy.blm.gov/index.html
BLM land is prevelent like Hiker said... along with State land...but a lot of the state is checkerboarded... and using the Statewide Surface management map from BLM will show you in a Big way Who owns what... and where to find larger blocks of public land to possibly put in for...

The Game and Fish site will show you just about everything about previous years draw odds... this helps in deciding where to put in for ... but starting with the large statewide BLM map is one good way of making sure there's enough public land to get onto... all you need is a public road disecting a section to make it accessable... then once on public land knowing the boundaries is up to you...

We hunt around Casper area, and enjoy 100% success on filling our lope tags; However there is a lot of traffic the first 3 days from hunters ... Wyoming has a Walk -in -only program with Private Ranches in many areas which allows you to go off public land and hunt for free (on foot) some awesome ranches... but again doing your homework with maps and calling BLM and G&Fish will help you pick an area, and stay out of trouble...

If you need any more information on researching where to go... just PM me and I'd be happy to help you out!

Good Luck,


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