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tips and tricks wanted

me and my buddy just got stationed in ft.bliss,tx (el paso). we've decided to start mountain lion hunting.

from what i gathered so far, i have found out; its difficult to kill one with out dogs ( this is the way we will be hunting), people call them in while coyote hunting at times, they kill an animal eat some of it and burry it for later, they mound up dirt and twigs and urinate in the pile to mark territory, they can cover alot ground, mostly nocturnal and are loners but sometimes have been seen in small packs.

some info that i would like, but cant find is: how do you locate an area where there are lions? do they live up to there name and only live in mountains? or can you find them in flat lands also? do they travel a certain way?(i.e. around the top of ridges, or along game trails) how do i know if ive found a good spot to hunt? what kind of predator calls do they best respond too?( ive heard stuff like fawn distress calls) best hunting techniques? distance away from a good spot to set up a blind? precautions?

i really just want to bleed all the information i can out of you guys.

i plan of using a savage arms model 110 30-06 with a 6-18x50mm bushnell banner series scope. and shooting remington 150 gr. bullets. ( i know the rifle is over kill but its all i have)

i have also heard that mountain lions will hunt you while your hunting them, and i planned on carrying a 12 gauge pump with me also, is there any need for this?

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