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Tipping guidelines

Can anyone that has been on a guided elk hunt before give some guidelines for tipping while on the hunt? Is it usually based on a percentage of the base hunt cost or is there some other rule of thumb? What do you do when you have several people involved (e.g guide, cook, etc.)?

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Re: Tipping guidelines

Good question, seems like it could really get out of hand in a hurry if you have a cook, guide and wrangler. Let's say it's $5,000 hunt, you aren't really supposed to tip them $500 each are you?

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Re: Tipping guidelines

Really it's up to you. What ever you can afford. Everybody is different. If your guide is a good hunter and gets into game well thats only half his job. he is also a host and reflection of the company. Splitting the tip is perfectly fine. Remember we are in this business because we love the outdoors. Not because we want to get rich. Don't get me wrong tips are very nice, but not our main motivating factor. Most of our people do split the tips between the guide, cook and camptender. Our cooks and camptender work just as hard to make your trip memorable as the guides. It is a group effort. If their are 6 or eight guests in camp, usually they each give the cook and camptender a little and give the rest to their respective guide. Heres an example: 8 guys all have 500 to give in tips. Lets say the cook gets 100 from each guest and so does the camp tender. The guide gets the rest from his two guests. All three end up with 800 bucks. Hopefully that gives you a little help. Like I said it's really up to you. If you are being fair and honest then the money will come out just fine.

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Re: Tipping guidelines

On the couple of guided hunts I have been on, it was generally 10% for the guide and $50-$100 for the cook and wrangler.
This, as others have stated, is a general rule. If you get great service, naturally you can tip more....same as you would when eating at a nice place for dinner.

I have normally tipped the guide 10-15%, the cook $100 and we didn't have a dedicated wrangler so that wasn't an issue.

Just my .02 cents


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