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Tioga Boar Hunting

My wife got me two days boar hunting at Tioga Hunting Preserve in PA for my 40th bday. Was wondering if anyone ever hunted there before. Used the search function but did not come up with anything. This is my first boar hunt. I am using a compound bow. Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Thumbs up

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Re: Tioga Boar Hunting

I would make sure to put your arrow at a quartering away shot. You can't go wrong and it's like deer skin there. They don't bleed great, but they don't go far either if you get both lungs. Good luck and please take lots of pictures to show us here.

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Re: Tioga Boar Hunting

I actually hunted there years ago with my compound bow. It was a Christmas present for my dad.

Guess my only advice is to take your time and wait for a good shot.