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Tink's 69 Question

I hunt whitetails in a NE Wisconsin 15000 acre public hunting area. The area is shotgun only (slug guns) for rifle season so shots must be fairly close. I hunt in swamps and sloughs and usually wear hip waders until everything freezes up. Scent isn't a problem. I have been stalking and setting up on a very large buck I've seen several times while bowhunting the same area. I have a very small target srea between the swamp the buck uses for cover coming from bean and corn fields back into an impenetrable prickly ash bedding area. I have a an opportunity for a clear shot for about 25 yds or so. I shoot from the ground. The only time he stops in this area is to freshen his scrape and briefly rub a small sapling. I need a way to slow him down for an ambush. I don't want to spoil this area with too much movement or by applying the wrong scents around these scrapes. Several does also use this path.

I've watched all of the TV shows and read the magazines and figured out that most of that is salesmen B.S. My brother recommended using Tinks 69 around the scrape and near my ambush site. He also suggested dragging some along the path the buck uses to travel back and forth. He said it worked well for him when he hunted in Northern Missouri. I've never used scents or bait (except for an occasional apple I've rubbed on my clothes on really windy days and the stuff I cook up for my trapline) so I'm a little concerned about chasing him off. I've been after him for 3 yrs now and don't want to end it by spoiling the area.

How much should I apply, how often and what's the best method around these scrapes? What about walking and dragging a scent pad along this trail through the swamp? It's mostly ankle to knee deep water and cattails with lot's of small trees and brush along the way. And finally if I don't get him with the slug gun I'm going to try for him in late archery will this change things post rut? Thanks in advance for any advice and good luck this season.

Never bring a knife to a gun fight...

P.S. Anyone else trying for this 180 class buck ( at least 12 pts, typical I think) needs to launch a boat, pull it by hand up a 300 yd slough, then belly crawl thru about 75 yds of heavy brush and standing water before you get to the really fun part. It's serious bushwhacking and definitely not for the part time hunter...if you can find me, then follow me and then figure out how to outsmart him he's yours. Last year I arrowed a 185 lb 8 pt mid Sep in this same swamp and then had to haul him back to the boat in a downpour thru the mud on my hands and knees. Loading him was an adventure itself, oh yeah did I forget to mention the mosquitoes? Wanna really do it the hard way...forget Tred Barta and follow me ...I think I need to get my head examined but at least the freezer is always full. That's how you find these big swamp bucks up here...thanks again.

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