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Time is getting close for Colorado archery

Like everybody here, I am like a school kid looking forward to summer vacation. It is hard to concentrate at the office when I know I am leaving for Silverton in 3 weeks. So this weekend I get invited to a friends camp to do a hog hunt. Live target practice is better than my block, plus I can make sure my "stuff is right". We spend the morning and day working around camp, setting 6 new tree stands and feeders for deer season. 5:00 comes we get cleaned up and go to the hog stands. The feeder goes off and the squirels come running, then a few Osceolas move in. I had about a 3 yr old long beard 12 yards off the end of my arrow, they never moved when I came to full draw. We all know that will never happen next spring. Its a good thing I am not one of those on the wrong side of the law. Next a couple deer moved in and a nice 8 point in velvet. The pigs never showed but I did get 2 armadillos and a coon. At least I know my sight is dead on at 20 yards with the field broadheads.

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