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Time to get in shape

Well, I usually take Dec/Jan off as it is the heart of the booking season, however, when Feb rolls around, it is time to start hitting the slopes.  I start Feb by snowshoeing through the mountains with my camera.  I will pick up the intensity as the year progresses.  I eliminate sugar from my diet beginning if Feb also.  By August, I will be in good enough shape to hit the slopes and holes for elk.  Hard to believe it is time to start working out for the fall season already.  Time goes by faster and faster with each passing year.

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I'm gonna start my get into

I'm gonna start my get into shape work outs FEB 1 aswell. i was planning on this month but I tore a muscle in my back in DEC and couldnt and still cant do much. I have to get into shape for my 10 days Eagle cap wilderness hunt in Sept. That will give me 7 months to get my cardio back up and stuff. Shouldnt be to bad with jogging and hiking this spring and summer, scouting season for me also starts in FEB. I cant wait to see what animals made it through the seasons.

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