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Time of day to hunt black bear

What is the ideal time of day to hunt or can you hunt all day with a bait set up and a cub call?

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Time of day to hunt black bear


couple things come to mind when you ask this question. First, when is it a bad time to bear hunt? Second, my worst day hunting is still better any day I ever had at work, and finally, you can't catch a fish if your bait isn't in the water.

early morning and towards evening, but go anytime you can. Bears are on extending lunch breaks this time of year, so calling could do you well all day long if you have location.

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Time of day to hunt black bear

IMO bears move the most in the evening, but if you have the time to be out all day have at it.........................

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Time of day to hunt black bear

Hey Idahojosh,

This being my first year of bear hunting, ( I scored with my bow incase you were wondering), and have become hooked on the sport, I broke up the day with fishing in the morning, seeing the sights around New Hampshire and having a big lunch back at camp. Since I can't seem to be able to sit more than three hours without moving around, which would explain my limited deer success, I found the afternoon sit is the way to go.

Bundy Yes

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Time of day to hunt black bear

Using a call over bait can be counter productive. That being said, baits or calls can be used all day. I have killed most of my bears in the first couple hours of the day.

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