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Tikka vs Savage vs Winchestor

Whats a better rifle brand ? honestly and why?

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Tikka vs Savage vs Winchestor

The Tikka t3 is a great rifle ! I have a t3 lite in stainless.
The winchester model 70 feather weight and the classic sporter are very good rifles also. I own 1 Savage 2 Winchesters and 1 Tikka . For the $ the tikka is hard to beat, it's just as acccurate as my $1,400 Sako. Yes

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Tikka vs Savage vs Winchestor

I would put the savage and tikka on the same footing, although tikka has an accuracy guarantee and detachable box mag on most models. Savage generally shoots well, but is not guarenteed.

Winchester rifles are no longer made.

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Tikka vs Savage vs Winchestor

Savage has the advantage of being able to swap barrels with just a few tools and no gunsmith needed. Great for folks who like to tinker with guns.

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Tikka vs Savage vs Winchestor

I've never had a Tikka but I held one once. Nice rifle but I doubt its any better than either of the other two. Each brand of rifle has it's cheering gallery and that's who usually shows up in these discussions. The bottom line with rifles is if it's across the counter factory rifle, your paying for what you like to look at if it's in the cartridge you want. Then if you love the Savage but have the hots for something that its not chambered in, you'll either re-barrel a Savage or buy another rifle.

All the claims for smooth actions usually go out the window when hunting. either it was a one shot kill or you don't remember cycling the action. So much for smooth. I find it funny the the people that usually rave about smooth are also the people who have never fired a second shot at an animal. That being the case, why does smooth count?

I think most of us are influenced more on what to buy by the price tag and the esthetic value of the rifle; not necessarily in that order.

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Tikka vs Savage vs Winchestor

In direct response to the question asked...
Any of the major mfg today will do ya just fine.

More info, such as intended use, game intended (if hunting) etc. would be able to pinpoint a little better direction.

... BTW...welcome to BGH ... Yes

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