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Tikka T3 vs. Kimber Montana

I thought that I had my mind set on the Montana. I went back to my gun shop to buy the Kimber in a .308 but my salesman told me that I should consider the Tikka T3 before buying the Kimber. I took a look at it and the action is really nice and so is the trigger. He told me the T3 is a better rifle than the Kimber and the barrel is better also. It is supposedly more accurate as well. I am confused. I love the finish of the Montana but I feel that the Tikka is kind of.....well ugly. I am going to put a Zeis Diavari on the gun and it would look soooo nice on the Kimber but would I be making a mistake not buying the Tikka?
The Tikka has a magazine which I like but I like the safety on the Kimber more and also Like the composite on the Kimber vs. the plastric on the Tikka.

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Tikka T3 vs. Kimber Montana

go with the one that you like the best man. the comfort and feel of the gun is way more a priority then the looks. looks dont mean a dam thing Thumbs up

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Tikka T3 vs. Kimber Montana

As long a money is not an option go with the one you like the best, and fits you best. Thumbs up

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Tikka T3 vs. Kimber Montana

First off the gun shop should have you compare apples to apples. The Tikka is the "working mans" version of the Sako. Try comparing the Kimber vs. the Sako and then make your decision. The Kimber employs the mauser claw extractor vs. the push feed of the Sako. The claw extractor is my personal fav. The Sako does have a very smooth action though. For the gun shop guy to say the Tikka is a "better" rifle than the Kimber is a mistake. The choice is yours to make not theirs to push onto you. The Kimber is a fine rifle along with the Tikka but the Tikka is not in the same ballpark. Accuracy is negligible between the two. Go with the one YOU want, it is your cash. Good Luck.

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Tikka T3 vs. Kimber Montana

The montana kevlar based stock is way nicer than any of the synthetic stocks i've seen on the tikkas. That being said the wood on the tikka hunters is quite nice for the money (different subject though).

One piece molding helps the montana stock greatly. Its true that kimber does not guarantee their accuracy; however in practice the kimber should shoot as well if not better than the tikka.

Personally, while costly, I think the montana is an exceptional light weight hunting rifle.

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Tikka T3 vs. Kimber Montana

The tikka is a good rifle for the price but I have one personal gripe with it. If you lose your clip (not an unrealistic proposition) it seems it would be tough to load it single-shot style. Maybe I'm wrong??

I personally wouldn't get too wrapped up in accuracy guarantees either. Most factory rifles shoot very well these days with the right loads and the right person behind the trigger.

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tikka vs kimber

ANY drop out magazine presents the shooter / hunter with the same risk, you lose it and you are out of business !  Savage, Remington, Sako, Browning,  yada yada  -  "one is none and two is one" 3 is even smarter IMO

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but that said, there is an appreciable "beauty" in small bug size groups and you'll run one heck of alot better chance of producing those groups with a Tikka than  Kimber - Sure, there will be guys here bragging up their Kimbers but I'll wager that for every Kimber that shoots sub 1" at 100 yd you'll dig up 10 Tikkas that will do that or better - Cabelas sells the superlight for $899 normally, SW sells it with a black stock (that you can paint or have coated anything OTHER than camo !  PLEASE ! "anything" but camo !! ) for $699 - I have 2 and they both shoot lights out with multiple bullets and were infinitely easier to get there than any Kimber I've worked with (too many for my sanity)  Sako ? nice rifles but check the forums for the negative feedback on poorly made magazines AND worse than advertised accuracy - Finally, "if" you choose the Kimber you'd best have a good supply of patches and solvent cause you'll be needing them

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I went for the Kimber Montana

I went for the Kimber Montana in 325 WSM as a super light elk rifle.
Good rifle, good cartridge, superb trigger, excellent accuracy. So why hasn't it made my top 3 favorites list?

Don't know. The CRF is cool but is an overrated feature in my opinion. The Kimber just doesn't have that magic feel in my hands.

Probably going to be a Sako next time.

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I don't like kimbers or

I don't like kimbers or tikkas. If ya like CRF get a Winchester M70. IMO kimber aint even in the same league as sako. But if I had to choose between tikka and kimber id buy the tikka and with the $$$$$$$$ I saved buy better optics.

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I had to go look at both

I had to go look at both rifle's. My opinion, only mine, is that the Tikka is one ulgy rifle, I couldn't take that home with me. Couldn't see what it cost's. The Kimber, wood and blue steel, is a beautiful rifle but I found what it cost's and no way could I afford that. 

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