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Tikes & Squirrels

Spent two hours with the little ones sighting in their BB gun, and fishing the kid's pond at the local club. I was actually very impressed with their marksmanship. We've been working on gun safety and handling for over a week ramping up to our first day on the range. Gray Squirrel starts Sept 1st here, and they are excited. First BIG hunt for both of them. Last year they just got to tag along. Yes

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Tikes & Squirrels

Congrats on your kids finnally hitting the ripe age man . I cant wait till that day comes for me and my son. Good luck on your hunts J.

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Tikes & Squirrels

They're going to have a blast! Just as much fun seeing their excitement as it is going on your own hunts. Good Job getting them involved Thumbs up

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