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Tick bite...

All better now Yes
It was just a matter of getting on the right meds before the lymes progressed.

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dang ticks!

I put this in another thread but it is worth repeating!

Watch out for the little buggers. Nearly lost my mom to a tick bite last week - end result is bacterial menengitis from a bacteria transmitted by ticks. She couldn't keep anything down for 6 days - not even liquid. Without an IV she'd be dead. The bacterial infection is under control with doxycycline but she has a long road ahead because of the damage done to her brain and surrounding tissues from the swelling. Not only is there Lyme disease, and Ehrlichiosis, but a new report out shows that in NYS the ticks are also now carrying the encephilitus virus. Scary Scary stuff. Be careful out there! Take every tick bite seriously, it could be the one that kills you if left untreated.

Read his too:


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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info GM!  I hate ticks and they are so abundant at my Dad's place.  I completely cover myself up - even on the hot days... and I will still ocassionally find a tick on me.   

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