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Thunderhead XP Broadheads

I've shot thunderhead broadheads and think they're great. I purchased some thunderhead xp broadheads because they were half-price at a archery shop that was going out of business.

I've been practicing with field points and thunderhead broadheads on my 3 D target.

I figured with bow season just about a week away I should put together those new thunderhead xp broadheads and shoot them to make sure they're going to fly like the thunderheads do.

Well, I actually think they fly a little better, but they really excel on penetration. The XP went completely through my 3 D target by about 2 inches.

All I can say is Wow, what penetration.

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Thunderhead XP Broadheads

I shoot the same Thunderheads in 100g. I love'm. I have 6 for practice and another 6 for hunting. After nearly 100 shots at 3d's and a tree or two I still get a perfect tune spin and the blades, even though replaceable, still slice rubber bands with ease.

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