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Thoughts on tracking

Greetings BGH community, 

I would like a few people to weigh in on this. I took a shot with my crossbow on a doe earlier today and I couldn not find any hair indicating a hit what so ever. I heard the arrow hit some corn stalks which I think would indicate I missed as she was to the right of the stalks. I did find one drop of blood about 10 yards from what I thought was the impact point but I attempted to track the deer finding no other sign. I could not find my arrow. I didn't see any other blood at all! Is it possible I missed the deer and the blood was coincedental? or did I hit the deer and it just didn't leave a blood trail... I feel sick having possibly hit a deer and can't find it :/ can someone put my mind at ease? or tell me to go look harder? any thoughts?

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If you found blood then you

If you found blood then you hit it.  It may of been a glancing hit or one through some muscle for it not to bleed very much. 

With that little blood loss I wouldn't worry about it. 

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