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Thoughts on Advanced Hunter Program?

Is it really necessary? I mean, killing is one thing, but if it is for those that need the meat then i am all for it. I just feel that alllowing matster hunters to shoot 2 elk a piece a season (Aug-Feb) can add up quickly due to increase in master hunters. For those of you that dont know, they can be issued another tag if they shoot one elk before sometime in september. This I know occurs in Eastsern Washington. These hunts take place mostly on farm land amongst houses and buildings. This to me is taking away from the actual "hunting" this isnt hunting, its killing. We are the ones that build the fences that they knock down, but we are the ones that moved into their daily routes and planted the lush food. Shouldn't we come up with a better means of managing for this problem than slaughtering these animals. Why not manage it better and allow for more actual "hunting opportunities" for those that are not master hunters.

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Thoughts on Advanced Hunter Program?

Wazzu07, (go cougs) the problem in Washington state is that the DOW is no longer directly funded by the sale of hunting licenses. We now pay into the general fund, and now they (Dept of Wildlife) are not responsive to what you think. I have been told confidentially by two employees from DOW, one in particular who is in the process of searching another job outside of this state, that the department is filled with anti-hunting folks.

This state has decided to give special treatment to hunters who agree to sit down with them for extended "training" sessions, (brain washing) and buy into their logic. These individuals are "on call" later for management hunts.

How many of us have applied for cow tags, to areas that are locked up tight. You are unable to gain access, you cannot hunt, but wildlife has still taken your application and tag fees into the state coffers, and then they call a horde of their buddies to come down and shoot the elk, on private land. You have no chance. You are the sucker. Then you apply next year, with no elk points. Smart.

This state has also taken away youth hunts, and given to our senior hunters. Hey all you old timers, be honest now, wouldn't you rather see some 13 year old kid get his first deer? Or would you rather just fill another doe tag this year?

This state lets the elk herd at St helens get out of hand, to the point of starvation, and they do not allow the disabled or youth to come in and manage the herd. Instead, they chopper elk out of the area, (killing many in the process due to stress) and deliver the elk to the nooksack indians. Costs more, less hunting opportuntiy, less success.

Need I go on?

I propose that we form a new group of hunters. Riflemen of Washington. We can lobby for equal treatment from wildlife. I am very tired of getting the short end of the stick. Bowhunters have already done this. They have lobbied for lots of extras, and good for them. We can learn alot from their efforts.

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master hunter

There are still lots of youth hunting options available in WA. The Master Hunter program is designed so that those poeple who have taken the course and have proven their competency are the ones hunting "problem" animals in close proximity to houses, orchards, farms, or whatever. I like the idea of having people that can pass a shooting test hunting near my property. I wish it was a prerequisite for some of the goof balls we get swarming our area in the fall.
I agree that someone dropped the ball on the St. Helens herd. They should have allowed hunting to thin the herd...not starvation.
I also agree that the DOW is not resposive to our thoughts. In my home GMU we are limited to a september only bow season (too hot, too many rattlesnakes, poor conditions for meat) and there are NO muzzleloader opportunities...not even a draw. The modern firearm hunters are allowed any 3 pt. We are absolutely swarmed with rifle hunters.
Unless you like 1) hunting in an oven in september, or 2) hunting elbow to elbow with jokers on ATVs the hunting here is a disaster.

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Thoughts on Advanced Hunter Program?

Well I don’t have a problem with the program. I guess that being said I went through the program this year. It is primarily a meat hunt, with success rates being much higher than the average. I like the idea that during the regular season I can be much pickier on what I harvest knowing that I have the other tag. But I didn’t get drawn my first year. I don’t see the "big" problem with rewarding people that take the time to study material, pass the written exam, volunteer time to wildlife project, and show shooting proficiency. Not all the advanced hunter permits are second elk tags!

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Thoughts on Advanced Hunter Program?

I understand the reason for the program, ie: stewards of the sport of hunting, being able to effectively communicate with the public, putting efficient/safe hunters in areas with game/human conflict, etc.

But the opportunities for most AHE grads are actually very slim.

Extra geese (don't hunt em) extra elk (don't have friends with property in the area). Most extra elk are harvested by property owners and their friends, if you were to get drawn permission will likely be denied with the " well I would but such and such is coming this weekend and we don't want to spook them".

My family was "forced" to take this program in order to continue hunting in an area that we had hunted for 30 years. (Where are my "usual and accustomed" rights? oh wait, though I was born here, I am not "Native")

But there are a few guys out there trying to make more hunting options for AHE. They want to make some areas of spring bear hunting as well as cougar permits for AHE only.

By the way, the literature and test were easy and the volunteering part is good for the community.

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Thoughts on Advanced Hunter Program?

Welcome to the BGH forum. Wish I could participate..too dumb Big smile

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Thoughts on Advanced Hunter Program?

Hey I dont have all the answers, and yes maybe (probably) it can be improved on. I took the program because it interested me, and I am glad that I did. I dont have any plans on wiping out elk herds single handedly. I think that if you dont own or have access to private land, and enjoy elk hunting its a great way to go, and not feel the shoulder to shoulder hunting during the general seasons. Ya I am sure that many of you hike in 10 miles and never see another hunter for the entire season. Most of us working stiffs with small children are lucky to get a three day stretch to go hunt. I have no complaints with the program. I suggest that if you do, get in touch with the DFW and voice them.

Good luck

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