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Thor II

I got a small sample of these to look over and see how they did in my CVA Accura as far as loading. The Thor II is basically the same as the original Thor. Its a .500" conical which now has Graphite applied around the bullet. With the originals you had to order a specific Diameter thor bullet for your barrel size. With the Thor II you no longer have to do this as the graphite will cut into the rifling.

My Accura uses the .500" thor and the .505" Thor II loads very smooth as soon as you give it a wrap with the bullet starter. To me, i think that the graphite also aids in a smooth push all the way down on to the top of the powder charge. I only had 12 shots and so i wasnt really able to work up any loads. My best so far was with 150gr American Pioneer Super Sticks and the CCI 209M Primers. Originally wanted to use Winchester W209's but got into a rush and grabbed the wrong primers

Recovered bullet still shows sign of the Graphite,

If you are wondering why the bullet didnt open up... Thats due to the bullet hitting dry sand. This bullet will go through a 1/4" plate of steel and hardly deport. This bullet requires Water ( Muslce/Tissue) to open up.

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Re: Thor II

Big FG, the more I do research on getting started ML the more I see you hanging out. Big smile I joined here last year after getting my first elk tag. Hope to be as lucky this year except w/ a ML. But I'll take either, bow or ML. Thanks for all your help on other forums getting me started ML. All the best to you and yours!

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