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Thor Bullets

Heres some info on a New Bullet that i have been shooting! They are solid copper conicals weighing from 247, 250 and 300 grain. As you'll see, They are Accurate! Thumbs up

Im going to start out with my very first shot with the Thor bullets in my Fathers sidelock, then move on to my recent stuff after i had some shooting range time with the bullets and learned what kind of powder charges they like.

I got my bullets today so i took a Cabelas Sporterized Hawken .50cal out to my 100 yard range. My first shot was at my sand bucket so i could recover the bullet ( I did!!) and my next 3 shots were at the target.

I ordered the .500" 247gr Colorado Thor and on a clean bore, they will lift off the charge but once you foul it, they stay in place tight. This rifle will be using a fouled bore during hunting season.

Accuracy - My first outing i was pretty over heated with firing 3 rifles and getting everything on.

First 3 shot group @ 100 yards.
I was damn happy with this group because this rifle has a 1:48 twist and supposedly wasnt supposed to do to great with these bullets. My guess is due to the length but im a believer in the words "You'll never know, Until you try"

After the 4 shots, i took it home and swabbed the barrel clean and took a rest to settle the nerves and measure out more powder charges and to weigh the bullets on my scale.

I used (94 grains by weight) Goex 3f in this rifle and the fouling was very acceptable.

Accuracy again, Pretty darn awesome! I blew shot #3 probably due to running up and down the range after each shot but thats okay, thats what you do when you're in the field hunting.

Shot #1 left a big smile on my face ear to ear.

I do plan on swabbing between shots just to see if accuracy will get even better or if it will do the opposite.

It was an awesome day and the rifle is now ready for hunting season after just 7 shots!

Update: The rifle is now using a .501" Colorado Thor and it fits perfect! The .500" Thor was just slightly to small.

I took my dad out this evening to sight in his Cabelas Hawken for his eye sight. Didnt have to make any adjustments.

He hadn't shot this rifle in a year and a half. After this group, he walked up and said " Holy Duck!" I gave you all the PG13 Version rather than the exact words :lol2:

Again, the .500" Colorado Thor with 90gr 3f Goex behind it @ 100 yards, open sights. 1:48 twist is Excellent for this bullet.

We spent the next hour trying out Pyrodex RS and the first 2 shots would be a 1 1/2" group but the 3rd would throw it either 6 inches high or low. I wasnt impressed with Pyrodex RS and RS has always been my favorite. In a couple days we will try 110gr RS and see if that fixes the flyers. Hell who knows, Could have even been shooter error. No need to make excuses. Plenty of time to figure Out the RS and get it on track.

Update - It took 110gr Pyrodex RS to match the 90gr 3f Goex load Pattern.


CVA Accura .50cal - Play time with the Thor!

Installed the Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40 on the Accura today and sighted in with 90gr pyrodex RS and the 250gr Harvester Sabertooth bullets. I wanted to save the thors as i only have 19 left out of 82 :shock:

The sabertooths and Thors shoot the same POI so thats a great thing.

My first 3 shots with the Thors at 100 yards ( 110gr RS/ W209 Primer) I allowed a 4 minute cool down and shot a Quarter size hole. Shots #2 and #3 are basically in the same hole, but as you can see from shot #1 the difference in the size of the hole.

Im impressed! When my brother in law and i go for his new mexico deer/elk hunt we will be sighting in with the 250gr Ballistic Tip Thor. He has a deer hunt in Sept - 4 days after my hunt ends in colorado ( Be nice and tired for his hunt) . He also has a cow elk hunt in mid/late December.

Im all finished shooting the Accura until hunting season is here! My open sights were adjusted in a way so i could mount the scope without removing them and having to resight in.

Now the 2 shots in the black were my final 2 shots, i didnt give the allow any time to cool down. Just shot and reloaded as fast as possible. Also note the taped up hole above the 3 shot group. That is were the 250gr Sabertooth conicals impact with 90gr RS.

W209 primers as always were super clean.


CVA Accura with 250gr Ballistic Tip Thor - As you can see, it goes from Good, To Holy Smokes!!!!!
I messed up shot #3 and flinched! ( you can easily see shot 3 as its way off to the left of the other two shots) I didn't put the rifle good enough into my shoulder and when it went off, the rifled jumped up on shot #2 and the scope got me right between the eyes. I flinched pretty good on my next shot even though i knew it wouldnt be like the last shot :lol2:

The 250 ballistic tips shoot great and on my next time out with them i will be shooting 130gr Pyrodex RS & see how that does.

Went out again with Winchester 777 primers on the first outing. A nice 2" group and no crud ring! The primers though are just so darn dirty that i hate using them. I'll probably just use them for hunting season and keep them off the shooting range.

I took 3 more shots with a different primer and wasnt to sure what went on with #1 shot as it grouped way down low. The Winchester W209 that i shot on my second grouping are supposed to group POI and so #1 has me a little confused.

The only difference i can think of, is when i shot the 777 primers, it was very cool out and when i went to the W209's i had my long sleeve off and was sweating pretty good. Maybe barrel heat up.

I found the sweet spot!! One of my powder measures throws a lighter 75.8 grains (weight) powder charge. Thats 110gr Volume.

The previous shooting events were with 80 grains and they would group 2" center - center.

I did swab on shot #3 as i had to work #2 bullet through a slight crud ring.

Also, the holes were a lot larger when i shot. After my 4th shot which was for scope adjustment ( click to the left and 3 clicks up for 2" high @ 100) It started to rain on me and didnt stop for 2 1/2 hours. The paper is wet and so the holes shrunk up on me.

Check out what 75.8 grains Pyrodex RS did with the 250 BT and Winchester 777 primer.

I'd say thats pretty much well under 1" Outside to Outside 3 shot group :lol2:


Bullet Testing:

247gr Colorado Thor - Jug of water in front of sand bucket.
This is the first bullet i ran through the water jug and into damp sand at 50 yards with 90gr pyrodex rs.
Bullet was .500" Dia New. After recovery it Expanded to 1.17"

247 Thor with 110gr Pyrodex RS @ 50 yards into water jug and damp sand.

Bullet on the left was 90gr RS - Bullet on the Right was 110gr RS. I can see a difference by looking at the "star" in the middle of the bullet. The 110gr charge pealed the pedals back more.

Bullet on the left - 1.17" - Bullet on the right (110gr RS) .966" The pedals are pulled back more than the bullet with the 110gr charge.


250gr Ballistic Tip Thor:

As you'll see from the picture, My cam took a hit from the water and the lens is still fogged up. I used our other camera but its no where near as good as the other cam with close up pics.

Also, 247.4 is what the bullet weighs without the plastic Ballistic tip. So basically it lost zero weight. That tip did its job and opened the bullet up!

Movie, ( If movie does not show up, go to you tube and type in * FrontierGander* and my list of short clip movies will show up, including the Thor clip)

The bullet did awesome!!

More pictures with my other camera that finally dried out :lol2:

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Thor Bullets

Im posting these late. My Colorado season was pretty much a bust. There were 3 of us, a total of 4 tags and i only was able to get a doe up north. Saw 2 beautiful chocolate color bears down in 84 along with a huge 26-28" muley but just couldn't fill the tags. My dad undershot the big buck * turned out to be 170 yards* It was still a great season and lots of bugling elk.

Heres my kill!
125 yards laser ranged. CVA Mountain Stalker, 362gr Custom Tipped Powerbelt with 100gr Pyrodex RS.

I had been walking through a small field with a mix of pine trees and kicked up 3 doe. I tracked them for a while and thought i lost them and was taking a short cut back to the trail i had been walking. I saw one doe flash through some pines and i stopped and whistled and this one stopped in an area where i only had roughly a 2 foot x 2 foot shooting hole.

Blood was everywhere, a 2' wide blood trail, and i can put my hand on a bible and say that's the truth and not get zapped! After roughly 30 yards i came on to the kill. She had gone down in the thick timber crud but it wasn't bad to drag her through. It wasn't a big doe, maybe 90lbs at the most but that's pretty common size of doe that we take.

Internal damage was just insane! I lost no meat on this deer.


Internal Entrance,

Internal Exit,

My Brother In Laws Kill, using my CVA Accura .50 - 250gr Ballistic Tip Thor and 105gr Pyrodex RS, 777 primer. An awesome 175 yard shot that dropped the buck in its tracks! We jumped some deer earlier that morning, a MASSIVE New Mexico 5x5, but he had 2 does and once they saw us, GONE! He didn't get big by being stupid and waiting around for long.

This morning we spotted a BIG 5x5 a 1/4 mile away and so we put the sneak on. Only to find out that he had 3 does with him and they spotted us and took off. We turned and my brother in law goes, Jon!!! There's a buck! He pulled out a coyote call ( mouse squeaker) and blew it.

Buck stopped dead in its tracks. I had just enough time to turn on the video camera before he pulled the trigger on my CVA Accura and sent a 250gr Ballistic Tip Thor into this buck at 175 yards. We HAD planned on at least 2 days of antler hunting, but he kind of blew that LOL.

Deer was almost facing us and it hit the deer in the neck and continued to go through the opposite upper shoulder where we recovered the bullet. Deer dropped right in its tracks, dead. Opposite upper shoulder was BUSTED clean off.

A couple of movies, but please be warned that I was filming and i get excited during hunting season. Some foul language was used in the movie.

Movie #2,


Exit side on the upper shoulder,

This December we'll be using this load again but on cow elk this time.

Update, He may be going after a New Mexico Bear this year as well. In 2 weeks possibly.


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Thor Bullets

Hi Gander,

where can I get these bullets!



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Re: Thor Bullets

Thanks for the posting. I really enjoyed reading your shooting sessions and hunting experience. Great job! I just received my sample pack of Thors. How snug should the proper Thor be for a persons gun. That's to say how much pressure should I have to put on the bullet thats sized for my gun? Thanks again!

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Re: Thor Bullets

25-35lbs. You'll know when its to tight!!

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Re: Thor Bullets

Good looking bullets and good info thanks for posting.
They look like they do the job good and open up pretty good. All the copper bullets I have shot they usually come apart inside the animal not saying these do.

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Re: Thor Bullets

Very informative post there FrontierGander. You sold me on the Thors. I'll have to pick some up and try them. Thanks

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