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Thompson/Center Omega .50-Caliber Z5 Rifle – Blued/Black

I just received this muzzleloader as a Christmas present and wanted to see what people thought of it.
I also wanted to pick your minds as to what ammunition is good for it and what is bad for it. I am not new to the muzzleloading world. I have hunted with somebody elses gun that was loaded already so really didnt pay that much attention to what he was using.

Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Happy Hunting!!!!!

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Re: Thompson/Center Omega .50-Caliber Z5 Rifle – Blued/Black

I have the pro hunter , I think it's pretty close to the same gun, shoots great out to 250 yrds 150 gr ( 3 pellets) triple 7 , 250 gr tc shockwave sabots, they shoot a fine group...