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Thompson Center Venture 30-06 Review ?

I've been looking into a 30-06 rifle for some time, and I've been looking at the Venture for a while, and was wondering if it's worth the cash. I would be getting it with weather shield the all weather protector.

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TC Venture

Thompson Center makes very fine firearms. I am also interested in a 30-06 and possibly in a Venture as well. I guess I haven't picked one up to know if I would like it. I say if it feels good in your hands and the price is right than buy it because you can't go wrong with a TC. I own a TC Omega muzzleloader and love it.

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I have a T/C Venture in

I have a T/C Venture in 22-250 and I love it. Great acuracy for the price. Ventures had a recal so check the smith and wesson web site to see if yours needs done or is after that. It could be new old stock so check the S/N. The Venture is comparable to the Ruger American. Good no frills accuracy at a working mans price.

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I have a T/C venture in 30-06

This is the most accurate rifle out of the box with factory ammo I have seen yet it shoots .5 groups at 100yrds with 3 different types of factory ammo I love it only draw back is its a little heavy


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