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I have a TC in 25-35 10" octogon bbl win with Bushnell 7X scope with factory TC leather holster. I have had the gun for 10 years and bought 10 boxes of shells @ $ 18 a pop, and shot 1 box thru it. It was used when I bought it, and cannot really find any info on for value wise, seems like there are not too many of these out there. It also has the contoured looks original, wood grips. My dad has a newer receiver, 221 fireball 10" oct. bbl and they are close, but mine has a little more engraving on it, any value info would be appreciated

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Ever get a reply to this one.
I have the same rig (25-35)
With a Leupold scope...

Jim Beardsley
Gold Bar, WA

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