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Thinking of Moving Back to Texas!

I currently live in western South Dakota and enjoy many of SD's hunting opportunities and plenty of public land to hunt on. My wife and I lived in the San Antonio area for eight years (80's & 90's), but are now thinking of moving to the Austin area to be nearer to family. My wife also would like some warmer weather.

When we lived there before I remember limited public land hunting with most land being publicly held and quite pricey to hunt on. Has any of this changed? How much do dear hunting leases run now? And finally, how difficult is it to hunt western TX for mulies? Thanks.

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Thinking of Moving Back to Texas!

There is still some public access in the National Forrest in East Texas. Austin would put you real close, 2-3 hours driving time. Most of the National Wildlife Refuges still do drawing hunts , both Archery and Rifle. If you are after a Huge Whitetail, put in for the Chapparral Wildlife Mngt Area every year and eventually you will get drawn. Most are first come first serve. So there is plenty of opportunity. As far as a lease goes, bring the Bank with you if you want a good quality lease. Down here in South Texas it's not uncommon to pay $2k and up per gun/person. High quality leases are going for 3500.00 and up and that's not a High fence ranch either. The good thing is it gets you year around access most of the time. I still see some advertised for under 2k around the state but the quality isn't there. I'm not sure on the Mulies but I think it is by drawing only , maybe landowner permit. There are some monsters taken out there every year that score over 200 BC but don't tell anyone. We try to keep it a secret. Check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife web site for a good source of hunt opportunities.
You might want to re-think the warmer weather though, heat index today in Corpus Christi 105-111 and Austin hasn't been much better lately. But your winters are probably worse than that so it's a trade off I guess.

Good luck with your move, Austin has one of the better job opportunities in the country right now.

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Thinking of Moving Back to Texas!

I'm sorry to tell you but there's still very limited hunting areas in Texas. The state does offer public hunts through drawings every year. If you check the Texas Parks and Wildlife website you will find all the info you need. This year I'm puttin in for at least four hunts out here in west Texas.

The Mule deer seem to be plentiful here in west Texas. They are my main target as well as pronghorns.

Hope this helps!!!! Big smile

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