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Thinking about a new bow.

I am thinking about buying a new bow. I have an old Mathews q2 that shoots just fine but the Mathews Marketing and Sales department (and other bow manufacturers) have me thinking about replacing it with something alot newer.

I, by chance of a warranty exchange, got a brand new computer factory sealed that I am going to sell to get something new or different if i decide to do it.

I want something a year or two old. I would rather someone else take the hit on depreciation than me Big smile

What does everyone shoot?

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Re: Thinking about a new bow.

Guns mostly, if we actually want to take something neener!

I've never considered myself an archery enthusiast and was never really "into" my bows like I cared about my rifles. I've shot Hoyts and Brownings the last 15 years. They were certainly serviceable and within my budget. The thought of dropping a grand on a bow/sights/rests etc kills me. I'd rather buy a new gun. Maybe that doesn't make sense, as you have a month long season and can shoot in your own yard all year round. But still, I'm not passionate about them, it's just an option to have in my back pocket if I don't have a rifle tag. I doubt that my sentiment reflects the majority of archers though. But I don't consider myself an archer, even though I do occasionally try to shishkebab critters.

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Re: Thinking about a new bow.

If I had the choice to buy something a year old I would buy Hoyt's last years model, the Alphamax. This is a really sweet bow. Last year it cost over $900 and now you can get it from between $6-700 depending on which measurement you want.

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Re: Thinking about a new bow.

Ya me to every winter i think about a new bow, I bought a bowtech airraid last year this bow is fast and shock free its my second bowtech have had very goodluck with them. I shot a 14 inch antelope at 81 yards clean threw. Cant wait to try it out elk hunting this year.

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Re: Thinking about a new bow.

I am partial to Hoyt's but there is also alot of other good bows out there. I have shot the new Mathews, Bowtechs and PSE's. All have great qualaties, but Hoyts customers service is second to none. I can tell you you can find some 1to 2 year ols bows for a steal. I bought a Katera and I love it, I bought it used but I do not think the guy ever shot it and I paid half the original price. I bought it from a guy on ArcheryTalk.com...they have a ton of bows for sale and all are great deals. Also a great place to get info on all sorts of archery topics!


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