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They're Everywhere


Seems deer are turning up everywhere these days. They even had to put one down last year during the construction of the new Busch Stadium. A doe got in and somehow injured herself and they had to destroy her.


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their everywhere

I live in centeral Nova Scotia and when I go to the woods I cant go too many plsces that I don't see deer sign .There is deer sign everywhere . Some places more so than others .We're permited to use bait for the deer here and I use apples and have great luck over apples .I measure . the distance from my blind to the apples and that is the distance that I pratice hard at . usually 20 to 30 yards . we start the bow season on the last weekend of Sept . I can't wait for that day .

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They're Everywhere

Whoa I couldn't imagine hitting a deer at 200mph!
I have several customers that have apple and pear trees, I always pick up buckets full of treats to take to my secret spots!