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But, but, they look so cute on tv.........

I am sure she believed that she would be embraced and loved by the cute polar bears. Surely they would sense that she was an anti-hunter who desparately supported banning polar bear hunting and working to stop global warming.

Instead, they just looked at her as "dinner."


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But, but, they look so cute on tv.........

We're gonna need a bigger rope!

It probably didn't help matters that she was wearing clothes that made her look like a seal.

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But, but, they look so cute on tv.........

Yet another contestant for a Darwin award. What did she truly think was going to happen? Now watch everyone call for the bears destruction. He did nothing but be a bear of coarse. This woman was definately,
1. A couple rounds short of a full magazine.
2. A few bricks shy of a full load.
3. A few french fries short of a happy meal.
4. Her elevator didn't go to the top floor.

Who can add more?

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But, but, they look so cute on tv.........

5. a Liberal democrat Big smile

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