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They came TODAY!!! - Bloodlines...

Big Brown stopped by today and left me a package... actually one that I was kinda excited to get.  Some of you know that Knight has introduced a new line of bullets on their web site.  Can not say the bullets are new to me as they are Lehigh's which I have been using for the last few years, but I really wanted to see how Knight was going to package them and mail them out.

Well, anyway here are my 2011 Elk Bullets... 'course I can not use them during our ML hunting season here in Idaho, but during our rifle season - I really do hope to give them a work out.. I even have a special one picked out just for one purpose...

These bullets shoot very accurately for me from any of my 50's, although this season I will probably be using my 52 cal.  These and the 275 grain bullets are my two favorites... The 275's are my do it all everything bullets... they are that good.

Here is a ballistic sheet on the 300 Elk train bullets...

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Definately look like a high

Definately look like a high quality bullet. Here as well in Colorado it is illegal to use a sabot bullet as full bore diameter is required. If I ever get the chance to hunt in another state though I will definately give some of these a closer look. I have been checking out Nebraska a lot for a December muzzle loader deer hunt and these would be perfectly legal up there. I was hoping to try this year but over booked myself once again in other states and will have to wait a little longer.

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