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Is there an Oct. rut?

Is there an October rut? I am not talkig about Oct. 30th, more like Oct.11th. It was around that date that I was hunting a new place in my home state of Maine.
Its a nice 240 acre river bottom farm I started out by hanging my stand in more af a scouting/glassing area, than what I thought would be a great hunting spot. It was a full moon week, and I was only seeing deer right at last light, and no bucks. I decided to move a bit deeper into the woods. I only got about 50 yards in when I came upon a very fresh scrape where 4 trails converged at a single point. I was up in a tree with in minutes.
It took 45 minutes for him to show up, and he was one of the biggest bucks I have seen, and I am originally from Wisconsin. He came running in with his nose to the ground like a hound dog on a trail. Unfortunatly he was down wind, and didn't stay long.
The next day I put out some estrus pee, but I havn't seen him again. (I did have a fisher follow the doe pee right up to my tree though.) See that video om my web page.The way he was acting made me think that he was on a hot doe trail. I really have only seen bucks do that in Nov. and Dec., but than i thoughmaybe some does do come into heat in October. Does any body have an answer?

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Is there an Oct. rut?

here the rut is usually mid nov on through mid dec , this can vary from location it's not unusual to find scrapes etc in late oct , by dec and jan bucks are droping their antlers the gestation period is 200 days with fawns being born in may june although i have seen late fawns in july

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Is there an Oct. rut?

Rut starts when they want it too start but usually when the cold weather comes in. Thumbs up

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Is there an Oct. rut?

I think right now in the midwest we are experiencing what they call the "pre-rut."

I have a delivery job that starts early in the morning and part of my route takes me through some rural parts of the county. This past week, I have seen a marked increase in whitetail activity. This morning, I saw a nice 8-pointer along the road well after sunrise (around 7:15am).

If you haven't already, now's the time to start hitting the woods.

Good Luck. Thumbs up

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Is there an Oct. rut?

The rut starts when the daylight decreases. When it decreases to a certain point, the testosterone elevates to it's peak in the bucks causing aggresivness. This is how the biologists determine when to start the shotgun seasons in most states. Here in Illinois, we are seing the smaller bucks react to the lesser amount of light as they are not familiar with the inceased testosterone as it is there first time having it! The older bucks can hold out a few more weeks.

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